Time Trade company

is a hanseatic, medium-sized, owner-managed company, which was founded in Bremen in 2005.

Original license products are purchased and subsequently marketed by Time Trade according to the latest scientific and technical findings and respectiv regulatory requirements.


thinking and trading fairly. We place great importance on long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers, with our focus on a straightforward, humane approach to each other. In addition, conscientious handling of people and environment is an integral part of our daily work.

The basis of our success is, among other things, quality awareness

In the future with high investments and strict quality awareness is also a further basis for our success. We are open for all innovations that help us to improve our products. 

Our Product

PROHEPAR® is one of very few medicines worldwide with 4 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s). Independent studies have once again confirmed the excellent effectiveness of our product.


Prohepar® – Complex protection of liver

  • Improves funktional indices of liver function
  • Contributes to the preservation and restoration of the structure of hepatocytes
  • Inhibits the formation of connective tissue in the liver
  • Contributes to the improvement of local blood flow in the liver tissue

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